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Wearable ECG T-shirt gives you hospital-quality body measures performing the job of an ECG machine and transmitting vitals to your smartphone.

Wearables ECG EKG smart shirt t-shirt


Late diagnosis of heart disease connected with the cost of professional devices. Also, limited access to such equipment and specialized staff to perform the examination and interpret the results. Often times patients don’t live close enough to the medical facility. That means they can’t be monitored often enough to predict possible complications or detect less obvious diseases.


We developed a smart t-shirt with bio-monitoring capacities, designed to allow electrocardiography (ECG) on the person wearing it. The t-shirt that combines casual fabric with textile sensors, and is able to measure the patient’s body parameters and send them to an acquisition module. Readings are then transferred to smartphones or computers. Thanks to an app, our user can also send the acquired data to a doctor. The Wearable ECG that we worked on measures all crucial metrics with great precision. The device provides real-time monitoring of the ECG readings and can alert and report to both the user or healthcare professionals.

The idea of the app was to monitor :

  • Heart Rate
  • Heart Rate Variability
  • Breathing Rate
  • Breathing Volume


This startup product as a whole, including the fabric, software, and data analytics is a cost-effective solution to reduce the frequency of medical facility visits and to allows long-term remote monitoring of the patients in their natural, daily pace. It is an innovation in the integration of cardio devices with mobile solutions. This t-shirt is able to measure your body parameters and transfer them directly to your smartphone thus improving the standards of care for patients. It allows people with cardiological problems to go about their normal lifestyle, but at the same time keeps them safe and gives them and their families a peace of mind by the constant and close monitoring. It already gives the patients a lot of freedom when it comes to living their lives away from hospitals, but in the future, it should result in freeing up hospital beds and other resources.

Key functionalities

  • Monitors your heart (ECG), pulse and breath without seeing your doctor
  • Wirelessly transfers and stores the data
  • Directly shares acquired data with your doctor

    Wearables ECG EKG IoT smart shirt

  • Easy to use – Wearable-ECG does not require any additional sensors
  • Comfortable because using and carrying it around with you is just effortless
  • Easy to maintain, as it can be washed with other clothes


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