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TransitArt is a start-up, which provides public transport routes, schedules and trip planning components for your website and mobile app.

GTFS schedules trip


Lack of easy tools to interpret The General Transit Feed Specification (GTFS). GTFS defines a common format for public transportation timetables and associated geographic information. The GTFS “feeds” allow public transit agencies to publish their transit data. It also enables developers to write applications that make use of that data in an interoperable way. The idea of TransitArt was to create tools for developers working with public transportation timetables that could be easily implemented on websites and mobile applications.  That makes the whole process painless and fast providing end-users with an effective and visually attractive solution.


A set of applications, services as well as a mobile app generator to provide accurate visualizations of passenger information on websites and mobile apps. Passenger information is presented as timetables, trip planners, a timetable editor, a trip planner for the disabled and a mobile app generator. Above all the basic concept of the project is to provide easily integrable tools that anyone can use to set up a professionally looking visualization of passenger information.


We’ve built a complex route planning system. It was a full journey from idea to a real product. The solution is based on the idea of components that can be used for websites and mobile apps. Cooperation between Inovatica and TransitArt was really close and effective. As a result, the client could quickly launch the product. At the moment many projects including and two Polish Public Transportation Agencies in Warsaw and Mazovian district use compenents that we created.

For developers, TransitArt means saving time for other tasks in the project. At the same time they’re getting great design and multiple forms of implementation. Including: JavaScript copy-paste, dedicated CMS components, web services or mobile apps based on TransitArt’s API.

For the Clients choosing this solution means they lower their expenses when it comes to the IT department and increases website traffic by at least 20%.

Key functionalities

  • Timetables
  • Trip Planner
  • API
  • Timetables Editor
  • Mobile App
  • Real-time Trip Planner