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Nowadays almost every company needs some kind of IT support. Unfortunately, this doesn’t make it any easier when it comes to choosing the software house to do the job. If you’re looking for a company to develop your product – a website, mobile app or some cutting-edge technology, here are the 10 reasons why you should pick Inovatica.

1. You don’t have to be a tech-pro to create software with us

We’ve got over 30 specialists that make sure our clients choose the right technologies and designs that support the product and the vision that we make come true.

2. We’re experienced in long-distance relationships and we make them work

Inovatica works with international clients for over 10 years so we know that regular contact and becoming partners is crucial. We know that each client is different – lives in different time zone, culture and has special needs. For us, differences are what makes our work more interesting and challenging in the best possible way. So don’t hesitate and tell us your story!

3. It’s ok to change your mind – and we understand that

Software development, especially when it comes to complex applications takes a lot of planning and time. During the whole process, both our team and clients get new ideas and find better solutions resulting from previous analysis and conclusions. Luckily for you, we work in Agile and we regularly deliver parts of the solution giving you the opportunity to make necessary changes and therefore make things better. As they say, a wise man changes his mind, a fool never will.

4. We know how to build software from zero, but we also know how to make your system better

We’ve developed over 100 projects, but the truth is it always begins with the idea and a need to change. That’s why no matter if you’re a startup, a company that wants to implement something totally new or you want to improve your existing business processes – we’ve got the right tools and the right people for the job.

5. You’re not alone. We’ve got a special person who makes sure all you need is taken care of

Inovatica picks a person for each project that represents client’s interest inside our firm. The product owner is always on your side and connects you with the team, providing both sides with crucial information and specific point of view.

6. We’re transparent in our deeds

You can always drop us a line or visit us in Poland whenever you feel like it. We always talk about the exact tasks that we’re working on right now and you can easily see the progress we’re making. What’s more – we do have the papers to prove that – after all, that’s what work time tracking was made for.

7. We build applications that work

You don’t have to believe our words. Just check out our works and see that our solutions are in action, and doing pretty well. Let’s take TransitArt as an example. It’s a startup that we helped to build wayfinding components for websites and mobile apps and right now they’ve got over 4 deployments of their solution and still counting!

8. Think twice, code once is our motto

We don’t jump right into coding because we know how important it is to analyze, plan and measure all the actions. Both sides need to know what we’re building to make it work.

9. You don’t have to rob the bank to work with us

As a company based in Poland (we also have our USA office) we can set competitive prices comparing to other companies, without losing any quality.

10. You can count on us

Last but not least, we’re the good guys. We play by the rules and not only build solid software but also solid business relationships. We’ve got Clients that we work with since the very beginning. If you want to get to know us – check out our website, Facebook, LinkedIn or … call us maybe?


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