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General Inspectorate of Road Transport

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Web portal for General Inspectorate of Road Transport

General Inspectorate of Road Transport (polish GITD) is a government administration body that cares about compliance with regulations and safety in broadly understood road transport.

The recipients of GITD services are primarily transport entrepreneurs and drivers, for whom it is often the primary source of knowledge. The demand for information grows in times of uncertainty and change, such as during the COVID-19 epidemic. The institution was established in 2001 during Poland's preparations for joining the European Union.



  • General Inspectorate of Road Transport

subject of delivery


The tasks that GITD set us during the implementation of the new website include:

  • preparation of friendly information architecture;
  • the appearance of the website in line with good UX practices, with particular emphasis on the needs of drivers browsing the website on smartphones;
  • readiness to make changes to the website immediately;
  • preparation of a professional English version;
  • meeting formal requirements such as the use of an open source tool or adapting the website to WCAG 2.0 requirements

Taking into account the specifications specified in the order, we focused on an open source solution. The GITD website was created based on CMS TYPO3. Our work can be divided into several stages:

  • pre-implementation analysis;
  • graphic and functional design;
  • programming;
  • data migration;
  • maintenance & hosting;

During the preliminary works, the website's information architecture was thoroughly analyzed and the visual layer was prepared so that it would be fully functional on smartphone screens. At the time of publication on GooglePageInsights, it was achieving 90+ scores on desktop and mobile. An important element was also the preparation of the newsletter. The order was supplemented by the requirements known from public administration websites, i.e. preparation of the BIP and ensuring the availability of the website compliant with WCAG 2.0. Currently, the website is hosted by us, and the client uses the pool of hours for development and service care.

Agnieszka Mąkosa, GITD (chief communication specialist)

Our previous site was already quite archaic, which made it difficult to access for users. There were times when we received phone calls asking for information that was on the site but it was hard to find. The new service significantly improved our communication with drivers. From our point of view, the most important changes for the better are:

Increase in the number of users

We have been very active in social media for some time and now we have a website to which traffic should be directed.

It's also easier for us to engage users by publishing additional educational material.

We have noticed that the comfort of browsing the website on mobile devices has also improved significantly.

Convenience of website management

The website administrators have gained new opportunities. It's much easier to add photos and videos or highlight key features information using a dedicated beam or box on the website.

Fast response time

A positive distinguishing feature is the speed of service. The Inovatica team immediately supports us in publishing content, e.g. on COVID-19. I am also guaranteed stable maintenance of the website and professional translation of the content into English.


The service was delivered on time in accordance with the agreed specification. The growing number of users confirms that it allows for the effective implementation of the GITD's information policy.
We also made sure that the new website was resistant to sudden changes in traffic. During the period of e.g. changes in road transport regulations during the COVID-19 epidemic, the GITD service recorded over 1000% increases in the number of users overnight. However, it retained its full functionality.

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