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Indoor Navigation is a system that’s based on Wi-Fi and beacons with sub-meter accuracy. This technology enables building iOS and Android mobile apps that navigate users inside buildings with precise turn-by-turn instructions.


While GPS can determine a location inside a building, this location is usually inaccurate and does not allow one to effectively navigate within the building. This happens because the signals are disturbed by the walls and other objects. Besides, the error range of many GPS chips can be larger than the indoor space itself.


First of all, our indoor positioning and navigation system integrates with a custom app that runs on each device. The app scans ambient WiFi and/or beacons to locate the device. Our holistic approach includes real-time positioning of iOS and Android devices, SDK to build custom indoor apps and API for applications to query server. Finally, our goal was to create an accurate tool with a dashboard for a site and indoor floor plans management.


The positioning system provides turn-by-turn indoor navigation for wayfinding in large and complex indoor settings, such as multi-level buildings. The navigation above all brings high fidelity, single meters precise, indoor location based on beacons and WiFi signal based on an in-house developed positioning algorithm. We use data fusion from a gyroscope and inertial sensor for location improvement. Location algorithm is distributed as the SDK (Software Development Kit) to be reused in other vendor apps. The implementation possibilities and benefits are almost endless. Sound-based navigation is a great solution for visually impaired people and brings even more quality to location-based marketing – gathering fingerprints database and alerts the device’s owner about an offer from a nearby business. As a result, it’s easy to target offers to where they are and what they are doing which opens a whole land of opportunities.

Our deployments


  • Warsaw Chopin Airport
  • Polish National Stadium Mobile App (PGE Narodowy)


  • Airports: To help visitors find their way around
  • Retail: Wayfinding app for shopping malls guiding visitors to the desired shop or to product sections in a supermarket.
  • Museums: To help visitors find collections and exhibits.
  • Events: To guide visitors inside a trade show or fair.
  • Hotels: Visitors can easily reach the hotel’s facilities.
  • Hospitals: For patients and their relatives to find their way around a facility.
  • Emergency: To help police, fire brigade or medical services to find their way inside buildings

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