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Turn by turn indoor navigation

Indoor navigation

Location systems help to take care of security, optimize business processes and customer service, and conduct advanced analytics.


Beacons are small devices (smaller than a cigarette packet) with low energy consumption. They can work without changing the battery for up to 2-3 years and communicate via a gateway responsible for collecting and forwarding data. Beacons are inexpensive devices, but their proper assembly and configuration require specialist knowledge. Thanks to our software, beacons can locate e.g. people (based on bluetooth in phones) or products/pallets with an appropriate tag. A properly configured network of beacons can be used for indoor navigation with high accuracy (approx. 1-2 m), giving much better results compared to GPS navigation, the signal of which is often too weak inside buildings.

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our strengths

  • Experience in many technologies

  • Implementation portfolio covering strategic objects

  • Own R&D department

UltraWideband (UWB)

We implement IT projects so that they give satisfaction to users

UWB technology is characterized by the high precision of location combined with a high frequency of refreshing the position. A broadband connection over short distances is able to reach speeds of up to 100 Mbps, but for business, a much more important advantage is the very high resistance of UWB to radio interference from other sources. The signal is able, in most cases, to penetrate the walls, ensuring full coverage of the object with a small number of devices. In summary, the UWB technology provides more accurate position determination compared to beacons and more frequent updating of the position of the located object (less than 1 second). At the same time, however, the cost of implementation is usually higher than for an analogous system based on beacons, as is the battery consumption of UWB devices.

GPS navigation systems

GPS-based navigation is the cheapest and most effective solution for location services in open space. Our proprietary software combined with maps (eg Google Maps) allows you to create exceptionally user-friendly services and applications. The navigation software corresponds to supporting travelers by public transport, it enables carriers to create their own applications for passengers and to monitor autonomous vehicles working in agriculture.

solutions based on indoor navigation

The tools and software we provide for indoor localization significantly increase business efficiency and customer satisfaction. We support clients at every stage of the project implementation, from creating the concept of the solution, through solution modeling, pre-implementation analysis, physical installation of sensors and software delivery, to service and post-implementation support.

The functionalities of solutions based on indoor navigation are, for example:

  • Monitoring the number of visitors
  • Monitoring the paths of visitors
  • Collection and processing of analytical data
  • Contactless marketing, eg push notifications
  • Routing
  • Live view of the location of tagged products or people