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Patients experience platform that improves health care system through automated feedback analysis using natural language processing

natural language processingProblem

In the USA receiving found from the government for doctors and medical facilities depends on customer satisfaction. After each visit whether it’s a regular appointment or hospital treatment, they receive surveys from the facility. Based on questionnaires, the institution receives larger or smaller grants. Sometimes it happens that a doctor is not necessarily a bad specialist, but he’s methods or character do not go along with the patient’s preferences. In that case, the doctor can be deprived of additional funds. Overall, that shows how much all the opinions about doctors on the web mean. What’s surprising in this case it’s not only about patients picking the right, well-educated and experienced doctors but also about doctor’s remuneration.


The solution is a complex platform that consists of various tools. There’s a mechanism that collects information from the network, over 70 pages, mainly ones, but also pages like google, facebook, yahoo, TripAdvisor). The solution also includes management and processing of collected data as well as an evaluation system. There’s an Administrative Panel as well as Client panel that gives the ability to analyze, manage and influence patients’ experiences (eg the ability to send an email to a patient and ask him to explain why he issued a bad opinion, convince him to change it). Plugins can be inserted at home to facilitate communication with clients (you can add to the Empathiq plugin page so that patients can immediately evaluate the doctor/institution). Finally, the system has the option of sharing the platform under a different brand.


The platform uses machine learning algorithms or to be exact natural language processing (NLP) to assess the sentiment of opinions depending on predefined categories like the quality of medical care, quality of service. The complexity of the system ensures accuracy and efficiency. It not only gathers and analyzes the information on what patients think of a certain doctor or facility. Above all, it gives the possibility to change the opinion by reaching out to people who wrote bad reviews. That means getting the greater incentive and developing your business.

Key features/tools:


  • Data Collecting Mechanism

  • Management And Processing Of Collected Data

  • Evaluation System

  • Administrative Panel

  • Client Panel

  • Plugins To Implement On Your Site

  • Integration Of The Systems

  • Different Brand Sharing Option

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