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react native

React Native framework is a solution created by Facebook that allows you to create mobile applications for iOS and Android platforms. It is based on the JavaScript language, and mobile applications prepared with its use are hard to distinguish from native applications in terms of quality and performance.

user-friendly app

The strength of React Native is the ability to build a user-friendly application UI based on available components. The development team can create even complex layouts, which at the same time can be attractively styled following the requirements of iOS or Android. Combined with the possibility of creating interactive animations, mobile applications have a very good UX. Well planned navigation also ensures a positive user experience. React Native allows you to easily manage paths, also in the context of different screen sizes.

Using React Native brings clear business benefits for the client.

react native - benefits

  • Quick deployment and lower costs compared to when iOS and Android applications are implemented separately.

  • Faster implementation of changes and updates thanks to the use of common code for both platforms.

  • Positive user experience. The high level of user experience, the elements of the application responsible for the look and operation of the application, behave as if in native solutions.

  • The ability to create applications so that key resources are stored on the device, thanks to which key functionalities can also be provided offline or with minimal transfer.

react native - capabilities

In the process of creating mobile applications, we take care of proper project documentation and proper testing before publication. We also enable their maintenance, further development with new functionalities and analytics of conducted activities.

  • ios apps development
  • development of android apps
  • testing and verification
  • publication in the app store
  • publication in the google play store
  • application support and maintenance