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The cooperation of UX designers and graphic designers allows the brand to be distinguished in the digital world from the competition. Thanks to the applications that are engaging, pleasant to perceive, and convenient to use, the chances of building a long-term relationship with customers increase.

ux user experience

The user experience includes the sum of all his dealings with the company and its services (products), including after-sales support. Positive customer experience has a huge impact on the level of customer loyalty and recommending the company to other customers. UX enthusiasts are specialists in getting to know the customer, his needs, paths and all points of contact with the brand.

what we do in terms of ux

The work of UX specialists usually results in guidelines on how a given application or service should look, based on facts and research. Therefore, the scope of activities related to UX includes:

  • competition analysis

  • getting to know the target group

  • content samples

  • modeling

  • prototyping

  • tests and iteration of solutions

  • product/service development scenarios

  • cooperation in graphic designs

  • observation and constant optimization of the implementation

ui user interface

Designing an interface is a service that should be preceded by activities in the UX area. This allows you to create refined graphic designs for applications and websites in a manner based on reliable knowledge. Combined with the appropriate experience, the client receives a package of projects that will effectively help him achieve his business goals. The User Interface design service is a detailed definition of what the contact points with the brand will look like in the digital world.

what we do in terms of ui

  • Analysis of graphic trends in a given industry
  • Analysis of the competition's design
  • Logo and brand book
  • Designing application/web screens
  • Designing the appearance of the interaction
  • Matching projects to appropriate resolutions
  • Verification of implementation correctness by development

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