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Interactive indoor maps

Interactive maps

We help companies increase efficiency and improve user experience through the implementation of interactive maps. Interactive GIS (geographic information system) maps are often an indispensable tool in public administration and at the same time can constitute a significant added value for the customer in commercial applications.

Interactive maps offer

We combine geographic data or building plans with additional information to create interactive maps. Interactive maps can be integrated with an external database or client software.

  • Mobile applications

  • Websites

  • Intranets

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our strengths

  • Proprietary GIS software used in applications and websites

  • Own R&D department

  • Documented and confirmed by references of implementation from various sectors

Discover the possibilities Indoor localization examples

Interactive maps allow you to dynamically read information, create your own diagrams and visualizations, apply analytical tools or simply provide a significant help in navigating users. For our maps, we provide a CMS that enables self-management. Where it is necessary to locate people, goods or mapping the route in the facility, we use beacons or ultrawideband (UWB) technology.

We implement IT projects so that they give satisfaction to users
  • Interactive maps for public administration

  • Interactive tourist maps

  • Geolocation of facilities in logistics

  • GIS services for public transport

  • Interactive maps of shopping centers, universities, sports facilities