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Laser Guided Vehicles


We have been implementing research and development projects in the area of ​​mapping, navigation and geolocation solutions since 2009. As a result of the work of our own R&D department, we have developed a complex technology of autonomous internal transport vehicles. At the same time, advanced localization and navigation software based on navigation lasers was developed.

Location and navigation software

We offer software and hardware to improve internal transport. We propose to equip the fleet of internal transport vehicles with laser navigation. In this solution, the vehicles are equipped with laser scanners (lidars), which are mounted in the top part of the transporter. Lidars, when vehicles move around the hall, on the basis of the provided software, independently create a precise map of the facility. It serves as a reference for locating the vehicle and is constantly verified by the laser scanner. 

Sample functionality:

  • Identification of the location of vehicles in the warehouse (also in real time)
  • Collection and processing of vehicle movement data
  • Your current location
  • Stop times
  • Routes of runs
  • Travel times for the defined route
  • Own performance measures
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our strengths

  • Laser technology for location and navigation
  • Own technology of autonomous forklifts
  • Expert R&D department

AGV Automated Guided Vehicles

We implement IT projects so that they give satisfaction to users

The next step in automating the work of industry 4.0 are autonomous forklifts. The vehicle has laser scanners: the navigational top is responsible for the position of the trolley and the four lower ones (front, rear, right, left) are responsible for the implementation of tasks / safety. The signals from the sensors are processed by a computer equipped with appropriate algorithms. The solution does not require additional investments, e.g. in reflective markers on shelves, and is resistant to natural disturbances such as dirty floors.

Sample functionality:

  • Self-picking up pallets, transport to the indicated point and putting away.
  • Possibility to upload various tasks, routes, work scenarios.
  • While driving, it stops by itself when it detects an obstacle (e.g. a passing person) and resumes it by itself when the obstacle moves away.
  • It independently finds a free space for a pallet in the space intended for their storage.
  • The vehicle performs independently programmed tasks, but can be switched to personal operation by the operator at any time.
  • Go to the charging room on its own in case of low battery level.

For more information, please visit our website dedicated to autonomous vehicles: