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Municipal User Management System

  • Active Directory
  • Custom software

Municipal User Management System for Lodz City

The City of Łódź Office is a local government administration body. Over 2,000 people work in the office and its subordinate units (e.g. cultural centers, nurseries, and many others).

In simplified terms, it can be assumed that Municipal User Management System (polish SZUST) initially was used as an electronic telephone directory. It quickly turned out that such a solution was insufficient and a new system was needed. Inovatica was entrusted with the task of designing, implementing, and maintaining it.


  • The City of Lodz Office

subject of delivery

  • Municipal User Management System


The scope of the order for the new system included:

  • Implementation of the project.
  • Implementation of the CMS.
  • Implementation of the System in the infrastructure of the City of Łódź.
  • Carrying out the tests.
  • Preparation and delivery of project documentation.
  • Warranty and technical support for 4 years from the date of signing the contract.
  • Provision of the System development service for 4 years from the date of signing the contract.

The recipients of the system are, first of all, the employees of the Łódź City Hall serving the residents. Therefore, apart from high standards of reliability and safety, it was also very important to prepare a clear interface. We ensured an easy-to-navigate design and took care of the speed of the system. In addition, the system search engine gained a suggestion function, which significantly accelerated the search for individual people.


The stages of an IT project implementation

Our work for the city of Lodz can be divided into several stages:

  • Pre-implementation analysis
  • Graphic and functional design
  • programming
  • Implementation
  • Data migration
  • Maintenance & hosting

During the preliminary works, the website's information architecture was carefully analyzed and the visual layer was prepared. At the same time, documentation for the contracting authority (UMŁ) was prepared throughout the project implementation. It was particularly important because the new system is a central database of information about employees, from which data is retrieved by other local government systems.
The system was delivered on time following the agreed specification. Any doubts arising during the implementation were consulted on an ongoing basis with the office, thanks to which it was possible to implement them quickly. Then, the service of maintenance and development of the website was performed for 4 years from implementation. The solution provided by us ensures accounting with the possibility of generating reports in the areas of:

  • Users of the UMŁ system.
  • User rights and user rights management using Active Directory (AD).
  • Services / personal data collections by applicable law.
  • Authorizations to process personal data.

Benefits of implementing the new system

Practical applications of the delivered system include:

  • Easily add, edit and delete individual records - including the ability to assign more than one position to a given person, eg investment director and vice president of the city.
  • Group search according to a predetermined parameter e.g. finds all people who end their health and safety training in 2022.
  • Efficient management of permissions, e.g. indicates all persons authorized to view personal data of residents.
  • Hints when entering data into the search engine.
  • Possibility of sharing data from the SZUST system with other city systems.

The system can be used freely by several thousand users at the same time. Its implementation, user-friendly interface and the above functionalities significantly improved the efficiency and comfort of work.

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