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Naviway - Get Started START towards accessibility

Naviway is a mobile application that will help everyone find their way around a university campus or any other public facility and provides great support for people with disabilities.

Inter-building navigation - Naviway is like Google Maps for your campus. Thanks to the GPS system, it will find a path to any building, making it easier to move around the university.

Indoor navigation - Find a path inside a building! When you need to find your way inside a building, Naviway will seamlessly guide you to the dean's office, lecture hall or other room.

The application offers the ability to filter routes and locations on the map, ensuring full accessibility and convenience for everyone. Choose routes according to the level of accessibility of the paths, e.g. for wheelchairs or elevators.

If you are interested in developing and improving accessibility in your facility and increasing the comfort for people using it, you want to raise awareness of disabilities among the public, be sure to visit here and see the full possibilities offered by the Naviway mobile application.