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Portal for the 24 United Nations Climate Change Convention

In 2018 Poland hosted the 24th Conference of the Parties to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change. The organization of the conference required numerous preparations, including in the field of online communication.

The Ministry of Environment and Climate, responsible for the preparations, entrusted us with the design and implementation of a website for the 24th session of the Conference of the Parties to the United Nations Framework Convention (COP24).

    COP24 case study


    • Polish Ministry of the Environment

    subject of delivery

    • COP24 website


    Implementation benefits:

    • Efficient communication and service via the website of the United Nations Convention on Climate Change
    • Effective and effective communication of the summit's achievements and Polish climate proposals on the international arena

    What is worth knowing about the COP 24 conference:

    • The conference was attended by representatives of 196 countries around the world and the European Union
    • Over 22,000 people from all over the world, including over 11 thousand. delegation members, over 6,000 observers from non-governmental organizations,
    • Over 1,000 journalists as well as almost 4,000 staff and visitors

    The task for our softwarehouse was to design a website based on the guidelines of the Ministry of the Environment, and then its implementation and data migration. Due to the importance of the conference, the website had to be created within a strictly defined period and be fully responsive (adjusted to screens of various resolutions, including mobile devices).

    COP24 case study

    How to choose the right CMS

    After reviewing the complete set of guidelines for the new website, we have prepared an internal review of the CMS available on the market. We were looking for a system that, according to the guidelines, would be available under an open-source license. A very important criterion was also security, i.e. a wide range of website security against various types of attacks. On the other hand, in the functional area, the contracting authority's IT team asked for the new CMS to include:

    • Multiple site support with one login
    • Possibility to create separate sub services from the level of the management panel
    • Possibility of granting permissions to users to selected administrative functions of the website as well as adding and editing content in specific parts or categories
    • User authentication module
    • Own file repository
    • Own statistics
    • Change log

    In response to the client's needs, TYPO3 CMS turned out to be the right choice. This web content management system not only met all the requirements but also easily managed the language versions of the website.

    High level of UX

    A bunch of UX guidelines were created to ensure a positive user experience for the new COP24 website. Attractive graphic design and intuitive navigation were combined with proven functionalities such as:

    • Intelligent search engine
    • Possibility to subscribe to the newsletter
    • Extensive content publishing options, including adding videos
    • Data transmission with SSL protection
    • Providing selected parts of the website only to logged-in users

    From the very beginning, the website could count on very high popularity related to the preparations and then the event itself. Regardless of this fact, we took care to implement basic SEO tools, such as friendly URLs.



    The key functions of TYPO3 CMS, which facilitate its use in this project:

    • Website protection against external attacks
    • Ease of adding and managing language versions
    • Quickly adding new subpages based on graphic templates uploaded to the CMS
    • Managing multiple pages from one CMS panel
    • User authentication and change log


    Inovatica implemented the website for the Ministry under the schedule and within the assumed budget. The contracting authority also received full project documentation. The website works to this day and thanks to TYPO3 it turned out to be a very effective tool for communication during the COP24 event.

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