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java ee and j2ee

Java is efficient applications for business. Indispensable for creating efficient and eye-catching solutions. We use it depending on the framework, both creating a frontend and a backend of a given solution.

java ee i j2ee

This solution is based on the Java programming language. It was created to improve the quality of business software. This was achieved by separating the layers of the designed applications, i.e. the visual part from the business logic that is its backbone. Created by Sun Microsystems, it is currently owned by Oracle, which has been consistently developing it.

Java EE and the earlier J2EE are the dominant solutions in projects where the user’s interface is available online via a browser. In practice, it is therefore the majority of projects using web architecture.

As an object-oriented programming language, Java has many advantages. First of all, it allows the implementation of applications composed of microservices/modules. They can be responsible for a given functionality or a part of it and can be used many times in various projects, which is similar to building various constructions from a given set of blocks. Of course, we also have the option of creating our own modules from scratch and using them for our implementation.

Another advantage of Java EE / J2EE is the fact that it allows you to effectively implement large projects as a team. Delegating tasks, organizing work and its verification is easier when a given application consists of modules. Such implementation of the IT project also allows for quick identification of possible errors and their efficient correction.

java ee / j2ee strengths

  • Cost optimization
  • No additional license fees
  • Supported and developed by many companies and programmers.
  • Fast implementation
  • Extensive documentation
  • Philosophy of building applications from proven components.
  • Support for teamwork
  • Implementing large projects effectively
  • Quick identification of possible errors

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