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PHP Laravel

php - laravel framework

Laravel is a web application framework. Authentication, template system, reliable documentation and Astisan Console (it allows you to generate popular application components with one command) are especially appreciated by programmers. Why is it important? Because we save the client's time and at the same time programmers work with a tool they like, thanks to which they create better solutions.

Meet PHP Laravel

Laravel is a framework that works under an open-source license. It quickly gained great popularity and is eagerly used to implement web applications in PHP. Developers appreciate it for the way it simplifies their work. The transparency of the framework and elegant syntax have a direct impact on the efficiency and quality of applications created with its help. Laravel has extensive documentation, and if in doubt, you can use numerous tutorials. This allows you to significantly reduce the risk of errors even when creating complex applications or implementing new functionalities to existing projects.

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PHP Laravel strenghts

  • Faster and effective work
  • Fewer hours necessary to complete an IT project
  • Limiting project risks
  • Constantly developed
  • New versions appear regularly
  • Security is constantly updated
  • A huge community that reacts quickly and supports each other
  • Less difficulties in implementing new functionalities
  • Easy integration with other tools

key advantages

A whole ecosystem of additional solutions has been created around the framework, which further increase the efficiency of working with this tool. They facilitate, among others, database design, data migration or API generation.

From the point of view of the Internet user and various applications, Laravel remains hidden as one of the backend tools. At the same time, it is a framework, the use of which has a direct positive impact on the quality and speed of implementation, and thus ultimately on the price of the application.

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