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React is a Java Script library for building user interfaces. It will be perfect for constructing websites and their elements, e.g. forms, downloadable elements, especially where there is interaction with the user. A very good example are Single Page Application (SPA) websites that interact with website visitors without having to reload them.

React - how it works

The use of React is based on the use of components. Instead of separately coding website elements in HTML and then additionally in JS, in React we have a ready-made component that combines their functionalities. An important thing for components is that we can define their state and logical connections with other components. In practice, they are small, and flexible, they carry out a specific task and are embedded in the logic of the project. It can be, for example, a button, input, header, title of an article, but in the overarching form, it can even be a menu (consisting of many smaller components).

Using React has the advantage that the prepared components can be used in various websites, and additionally, they are easy to modify. It significantly improves the programmer's work efficiency and order completing time.

react strengths

  • Speed of implementation
  • High performance
  • Efficiency (components can be used repeatedly)
  • Stability
  • Organized, one-way data flow
  • Popularity - a large developers’ community cares about development and documentation 
  • Versatility of application
  • Easy to modify components
  • Best for building dynamic interfaces

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